A strong economy is also critical to our families and our livelihood. Congressman John Sweeney has worked to improve the economic environment through lower taxes, less government regulation and increased opportunity to expand companies in the free market. Three of the fastest growing counties in New York State are in the 20th Congressional District – Saratoga, Warren and Dutchess Counties. Not many other areas of upstate NY have seen this. John Sweeney attributes this growth to his commitment to local projects that have direct impact on local employers.

John Sweeney’s position on the House Appropriations committee has allowed him to funnel important infrastructure and development dollars back to the district that allow local municipalities to spear head important development projects without additional undue burden on local tax payers. At the same time he believes that the tech valley initiatives that he has participated in have positioned this area to be on the precipice of real and lasting economic change for the better. Our children and our children’s children will have career opportunities like we have never had before providing a choice to remain in New York and raise their families.

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