Different Types of Doors

It is evident that houses in the ancient times had no doors! There used to be a passage that was meant for the exit or entry in the home. Later, doors did come into existence, but people were still carefree and slept at night keeping the doors of their houses open. Even today, if you visit any tribal or remote area, the houses hardly have any door. They have an entrance which is either covered with a piece of cloth or grass hay. The concept of ‘door’ still does not exist there.

But with passage of time, where everything was under the process of evolution, houses were no exception. Slowly and gradually they made progress in the process and thus, in the modern age, we find the concept of ‘home’ completely changed. ‘Security’ has become a major concern nowadays. Especially in the urban areas, it is a major concern. Hence, the technology has stepped in and for security reasons; today we have doors available that can be opened only with their passwords.

In big cities, there is always a fear of theft and burglary; hence it is equally essential for the doors to be strong enough so that they cannot be easily broken or opened. But apart from security, safety and privacy; there is an aspect of art and décor associated with it since the homes started adopting the concept of doors. Today the choice is majorly governed by it, as the other factors are bound to be present and common with all types of doors.

While designing your house, it is important to know where the door needs be placed. Based on their location, doors are classified in following ways:

01. Exterior Doors

Exterior doors or front doors of a dwelling is given the utmost importance. The exterior doors allow entrance to or exit from a house and provide a measure of security. These doors must be weather resistant as they are exposed to various climatic conditions according to ‘R. Chudley’ (Author of Construction Technology Volume-1), The exterior doors are provided with adequate thickness, stability and durability of construction. The exterior doors are given a protective coating of paint and polish. They are generally made of steel or wood. They are well designed to accommodate different types of locks.

02. Interior Doors

Interior doors do more than just separating rooms and providing privacy. Generally, interior doors are thinner than the exterior doors, and it comes in a variety of styles. They are available in different materials. They do not undergo the severities to the weather.

(B) Types of Doors Based on Materials

If you know the materials available for various types of doors, it can help you in making a better decision for the doors of your house. The doors are made of different materials like wood, steel, aluminum, glass, PVC, etc. Based on material used for the construction of doors, they are classified in following ways:

03. Wooden or Timber Door

Wooden doors or timber doors are primarily used for interior door applications. Timber is the oldest material used for the doors and timber never seems out of fashion. There are many good reasons for using wood such as wooden doors provide soundproofing, insulation and security. They are easy to install and clean. They have long life. Being natural material, they have a different appeal. They do look elegant. They are very costly.

04. Glass Doors

Glass doors look elegant and add richness and beauty to your home.  They are a direct walkway to light in your home. Cut glass panel fitted into the wooden frames are beautiful option for front doors. The disadvantage of this door is that they are easily broken. Hence, they must be handled with care. However, with the toughen glass this would not happen easily.

05. Steel Doors

Steel doors are used in the interior as well as in exterior application. These doors have a steel face with a foam core for insulation. They are very strong as compared to the other doors. They might not look as attractive as wooden or glass door.

06. PVC Doors

PVC doors are light in weight and easy to use. They come in a variety of designs and colours and look beautiful.  These doors do not corrode and do not need much maintenance. But they are not scratch proof.